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“You’ll see that life goes on; Let go of the dark now…”

Showing 28 Jul to 6 Aug 2023

You’ll know that sometimes remembering can be very lonely…

Six senior citizens, growing old in a country too busy to dwell on the past. Survivors of the Japanese Occupation, they are too proud to be forgotten yet too traumatized to remember.


One doctor is determined to shine a light into the shadows.


UNFORGOTTEN - a musical of survival and loss, of ageing and dignity, of memory and legacy. By turns heartbreaking and hilarious, it tackles both the trauma of remembering and the tragedy of forgetting.

"Unforgotten" was beyond my expectation! The performance and musical songs were world class heart-warming. My attention was fully engaged and emotion much moved, amazing social account of the different personal/family stories/experiences and trauma during wartime and walking out of it, building this wonderful nation, Singapore, which absolutely have to be treasured, for it is part of our unique memories that make up our  consolidated national history. The fragments of personal accounts are important as they bring life to history lived or loss.

Totally recommend that you experience "Unforgotten" for yourself to reclaim part of our important history for the future.

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