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How it all began?

The journey to the creation and subsequent staging of this musical started from a novel written by Dr Kua Ee Heok, a well-known psychiatrist who also specialises in geriatrics. 


Prof Kua wrote this novel in 2000. It was picked up by Harvard University and used in their anthropology course. In one of his conversations with a friend from Cambridge University, he was encouraged to explore putting his story on stage to reach out to a wider audience. In 2020, when Dr Kua spoke to Stella Kon about the possibility of staging the novel, Stella suggested that he consider doing a musical instead. After much discussions, Dr Kua agreed to the idea of creating the musical under the wings of Musical Theatre Limited (MTL) The first step towards creating this new musical UNFORGOTTEN was taken. MTL appointed Florence Teo to manage the incubation and eventual creation of the Musical and engaged Jonathan Lim to write the script and lyrics and Elaine Chan to compose the music. 


In 2021, Florence together with Gavin Low, Jonathan and Elaine started the creative phase of the project. The script and songs were completed in March 2022.  Some of the completed songs were unveiled at the MTL Gala Fundraising Dinner in 2022. The enthusiasm received from that showing spurred MTL to Phase 2 of the project, namely the staging of the musical and as they say, HISTORY WAS MADE!

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